Special Story "Konya-Konya Lonya"

            Once upon a time in a prosperous and vertil village, there was a hill named Baobab.
childrens       : Is there a happy child who we are!
is there any child who full of love like us ?!!
 Mom, dad everyday beside us
 We are happy...
There was a child  named Konya Konya Lonya who was alone and. She didn’t has any friend.
Konya Lonya                        :Is there a child's poor like me? Is there a child like me sad? How can I participate with you in the your tree home?
Anak                          : “ha . .. ha . .. you want to play with us?are you sure?
NikoNiko                   : “guys, she is Konya KonyaLonya. Don’t mock her .let’s keep her playing with us ”
Anak                          : “Niko, why did you defend her ??? Go away!! you can not play with us.

Ranting :Kretakpletaktuktaktuk. . .. fiuuuuuh …. . . . . . Kretakpletaktuktaktuk. . .. fiuuuuuh …. . . . . .-----------

NikoNiko                   : “there is a brancecreature  , help !!!!, go hide!!! if there is brance creature that means witch oterotero will come soon !!!!”
child                                    : “go away Konya, donthidding with us
Konya KonyaLonya            : but i was so scared .i also want to hide
NikoNiko                   : “just let her hidding with us !”
child                           : “ don’t defend her ! quick hide! "

Konya KonyaLonya frightened by Otero Tero.
Otero Tero               : “ is there a happiness here?. I hate happiness! I will make all of u sad n drawn in to the deep tears !! “   
Otero Tero               : “Mmmm, i know who u are! Little poor that didn;t have friend, what is urnama?
                                        Konya KonyaLonya, aren’t u?”
Konya KonyaLonya            : “it is true I’m konyakonyalonya .i have no friends.”
Otero Tero               : “Hahaha. . . if that like i will be ur friend! Even be ur teacher! Lonely girl, always sad and full of hatenessis  great witch future. Hahaha!”
Konya KonyaLonya            : “Me? a great wizard candidates???
Otero Tero               : “Ya. ..but i have a requirement!”
Konya KonyaLonya            : “What are the requirements???”
Otero Tero               : “u must let urheart go away with say three times this word.’ I want to live without heart!’”
Konya KonyaLonya    : “i want to live without a heart , i want to live without a heart , i want to live without a heart…”
Otero Tero               : i got,  i get my future, i will keep ur heart in somewhere
            CLING… appears a heart  got out from Konya’s chest. Then she curse Baobab hill be a arid hill.
Sianya                        : “ Hikshiks, you’re wicked konya !”
NikoNiko                   : “ calm down sianya, this is our fault too, why don’t we let her to playing with us? We must find her heart!”
Baobab                      : I know the place.
Niko                           : u know? Are u sure?
Baobab                      : yes, that heart  stored  in the rock hill and locked by three keys. The first key in professor kurukuru pa.
Sianya                        : but where do you know
Baobab                      : Trees as old as me know everything. The first key shaped leaves. Dont just rest, get off.! Profesoritulihaibertekateki, jadi kalian harusbisamenjawabnya
Sianya                        : let’s go guys !thanks baobab
After a long walk, finally they  arrived at the professor's house

Niko                           : what is this thing ?
Kurukuru pa                        : who are you?
Sianya                        : we…we..we just want a key at oterotero, we want to put back konyakonyalonya’s heart.
Kurukuru pa                        : my friend is so excessive, but I will never give the key for free,you must answer three of my puzzles. Do you want it?
Niko                           : yes, i do!!
Kurukuru pa                        : the first, when it walks quitely, it’s so silent, if it must jump down,it is very noisy, when its become one its beautiful, andit can be scary too.
secondly, the name is same, the one is small, no feet, and good in swimming and the other one is big, have feets, and good in running. The last, it skin is green but it’s not a frog, it teeths is yellow never get brushed. It hair is red not been tied, the bone is white so strong.
            There are thinking
Sianya                                    : we are ready to answer profesor.
Kurukuru pa                        : what is the first answer ?
Niko                           : the first answer is water !isn’t it  ?
Kurukuru pa                        : exactly, and then?
Sianya                        : the second answer is horse and seahorse
Kurukuru pa              : you are amazing, but the third question, it is too difficult for you.
Niko                           : it must be corn. Isn’t it?
Kurukuru pa              : you are genius, here is your first key, but there is one more condition for you.
Sianya                        : what was that profesor ?
Kurukuru pa                        : you must trying my experiment, that is my teleport machine. .
Niko                           : oh, sure with pleasure,!!
Kurukuru pa            : here, the first key,take care of this. Do you know the second key’s  place ?
Sianya                        : no, where is it?
Kurukuru pa                        : in the fairy tale land,just go there, i won’t talk too much, witch pipiyot carrying it !!
Niko                           : thank you profesor!
            they came in to the teleport and a few minutes later they arrived to fairy tale .
Nirmala                     : ki, dont you feel that the ground was trembling  ?
Oki                              : yes, should we go there ?
Nirmala                     : Okay,
Sianya                        : we are arrive succesful and safe
Oki                              : why you here ? is this about konyakonyalonya?
Niko                           : absolutely yes, did u know Aboutpipiyot too!
Nirmala                     : the news had reached to the fairy tale land, but we didnt expect that one of the key is in this country
Sianya                        : we don’t have much time, lets go there
Nirmala                     : how do we take the key?
                                    : i will trick her,next, you take the key. But you must quickly.
Pipiyot                       : my feeling so bad that look like second key will lost but i will still keep it... but, it is useless if they can’t  find third key in behind baobab’s hill
Nirmala                     : ki, dont waste your time, come on !
Oki                              : pipiiiiiiiiiiyoooooooooooooooootpeooootttttt.......... come on, catch me if you can.
pipiyot                       : brave puppy challenge me, I will chase u!
Nikoniko                   : hurry sianya, we will get the second key soon.
Nirmala                     : Niko,sianya hurry up, pipiyot coming
Pipiyot                       :my key... I lost my key.....
Nirmala                     : oki, hurry up pipiyot is behind you
Pipiyot                       : hey u!!! .... come here now!!!..
Sianya                                    : let’s go Oki
            ZLEPP they came in to the teleport. Pipiyot was so angry and crying
Pipiyot                       : open!!!... return my key.. ahhh..........resentful!
            they arrived to the hill
Oki                              : why is so quite... where is the key ?
Konya lonya             : quiet ?there is me here , this is what you mean ha ?
Nirmala                     : are you konyakonyalonya ?how do you take the third key                                              if you dont have the first key?
Konya lonya             : I 'm a great wizard ,I can do whatever I want
Nirmala                     : she is a witch it will be better if you hide. oki and me will                                                  finish it.
Konya lonya             : Run you ? maybe you can defeat me now , but wait Human twigs come together with me
            BLARR they united and melted became a dragon 
Nirmala                     :oh no! she become a dragon. becarefulloki, i will give you weapon, wait.
Oki                              : hurry nirmala!!
Oki                              : catch this dragon...

Oki faced the mirror to the dragon and accidentally the dragon was dying and return as Konya konya lonya

Oki                              : Lets take the third key and give konya's heart
            carefully they return that heart to konya konya lonya. and the cruel konya be calm.
Konya lonya             : I feel warm , i ' m sorry friends , i think i can live without heart , and will restore hill baobab there

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